Organic Marketing Strategies

Organic Marketing Strategies


Mark Zuckerberg recently announced sweeping changes to the Facebook News Feed. The announcement was light on details and does not provide much insight or guidance into exactly how this will affect organic marketing on business and brand pages. However most speculators agree that organic reach is about to take (another) significant hit.

Organically most pages on Facebook are likely reaching only about 2% of its followers. The reason for this is the same as the reason for the most recent announcement from Facebook: Users complained that their News Feed was full of posts they didn’t care about so Facebook responded by scaling back the reach of the public content.

In light of the news this is how you can adjust your (organic) marketing efforts to respond to the drop in reach and engagement your Facebook page will encounter.

Mailing Lists

How big is your mailing list? Do you even have one? A mailing list is one of the best organic marketing assets at your disposal. Much better than your thousands of Facebook followers. A mailing list consists of people who opted into receiving promotional communication from you and getting that message to them does not depend on the whims of an algorithm.

The easiest thing you can do to start growing your list is to offer an incentive for people to sign up. A discount on their next purchase, or some other exclusive offer is the easiest and most effective way to incentivize users to sign up.


Instagram is another platform where an algorithm does not dictate whether your post will reach your followers (at least not yet, it is still owned by Facebook after all). If you have a lot of promotional images for your products then Instagram is a fantastic place to make use of those. You can start advising your followers to start following you on Instagram, too.

Search Engine Optimization

Having a solid SEO strategy that you’re constantly staying on top of will go a long way to making sure that your website is getting found and frequented. Followers are great for repeat business, but getting new business is also important. And it becomes even more important when someone is searching for exactly the product you offer.

Once you feel like you have a good grasp on these organic marketing strategies then it’s time to consider paid advertising on Facebook and Google.

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