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Remarketing With The Facebook Pixel


Ever heard the term remarketing or retargeting? If you run an eCommerce store then this is a term you should familiarize yourself with. Remarketing is a form of online advertising that helps you reach out to shoppers who have visited your store, but did not complete a purchase, sign up for your mailing list, or some other action you find valuable. These actions are also referred to as “converting”.

The Facebook Pixel is a snippet of code that goes on your website to track valuable actions by visitors on your site. It will track specific page views, actions like adding a product to the cart, initiate and checkout completion, etc. This data gets sent back to Facebook for you to use in ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Here are some of the ways the Facebook Pixel stands out.


Creating relevant audiences on Facebook is one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy, but it’s that relevant part that’s important. With the Pixel you can create audiences based on your website visitors, or visitors who added products to their cart, or better yet paying customers! There’s no audience more relevant than someone who converted in your store.

From these audiences you can then create a “Lookalike Audience”. This is key for expanding your customer base. A lookalike audience is created from an audience you already have. So if you take your paying customers you can have Facebook search its user base (4 billion users) and look for people who match the (online shopping) attributes of your paying customers. This now becomes a brand new list of people most likely to make a purchase at your store.

The possibilities are tremendous!

Product Catalog

By syncing your product catalog with Facebook you can leverage an important aspect of remarketing, which is showing your website visitors the very products they looked at, added to their cart, or initiated a checkout with.

remarketing with image carousel ads

As your visitors browse your store they will start viewing specific product pages, and they may be inclined to add those products to their cart or initiate a checkout, but end up abandoning their cart. By having your product catalog synced with Facebook you can retarget those visitors with an image carousel ad featuring those same products they were looking at to remind them about their abandoned cart in your store.

Advertising on Facebook is no joke. It has tremendous possibilities. A large part of that success comes from the ability to do remarketing to abandoned carts with the Facebook Pixel. It should be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

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