website security assurance

Website Security Assurance


Your website’s footer is an important part of the site that should not be ignored. It is prime real estate to provide website security assurance to your website’s visitors that your website is safe so they can feel comfortable browsing the store, and most importantly providing their personal information at checkout.

With several high profile data breaches involving Target, Yahoo, Equifax, etc., website security is top of mind for online shoppers as they are understandably weary of filling out forms especially on websites where it’s their first time visiting. This is where your website needs to make sure it has security measures in place to protect the customer’s data, and then letting that customer know that their data is secure.

61% of online shoppers abandoned their shopping cart because a security logo was missing from the website. To help reduce this can be as simple as using your website’s footer to add assurances like security logos that help ease customer concerns.

The chart below shows the most familiar and trusted security badges.

website security assurance badges

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